Introducing the SIDmaster plugin

SIDmaster plugin

is a virtual synthesizer emulating the SID 6581 sound chip of the popular Commodore 64 home computer. The SID 6581 was capable of producing sounds many years ahead of any other computer at the time

It is developed as a rack plugin for Reason Studios. Reason Studios 11 can be used as a VST / AU plugin so the SIDmaster can be used in almost any DAW.

Click play to hear some demo tracks made using reason and the SIDmaster plugin. Only the drumtracks are not done with the plugin.

Some features

  • emulate 6581 SID cycle exact
  • both usable as a 3 voiced polyphonic synthesizer or a monophonic synth with 3 oscillators
  • implements effects used in the old days of the C64 based on SoedeSoft's original music routine of the 80's (such as arpeggios, wave patterns, modulating the pulse width or filter)
  • SID parameters can be modulated using the control wheel as well
  • flexible keyboard control legato, slide, pitch bend
  • ring modulation and synchronization effects that can be controlled by the output of other SIDmasters by connecting cables on the rear side of the plugin

version 1.08: free bugfix update.

version 1.06: iniital version.