About SoedeSoft

soundmaster on the C64

Decades ago..

SoedeSoft was creating music for the C64 home computer using their own music routine called the SoundMaster, and developing music programs to create those musics. Some of their musics were sold to games, and a few demos were made.

The SIDmaster plugin was inspired by the SoundMaster music routine and some algorithms were implemented to create similar sounds.

trailmix demo

Demo with a smooth scrolling grid that was controllable with the joystick in any direction. The music was a remix of many popular C64 tunes, made using the soundmaster.

magic colours demo

This demo had an effect that alternates all colors of a bit map image to create an effect only seen at the commodore Amiga at that time.

Hammer&Jarre demo

This demo used sampled drums and had two covers of composers Jan Hammer (forever tonight) and Jean Michel Jarre (magnetic fields 2).